About Us Our People

About Us Our People

The passionate team of Tofu experts

The people in Unicurd are passionate about Tofu. In Unicurd, we see our place in this world as one where we continue to innovate, develop and produce new tofu and soy-based products of the highest grade for people of all cultures around the world. Our mission is to delight consumers as they enjoy the multifold tastes tofu and soybean based products and benefit from the healthy nutritional goodness.

Professional Interest in Soy products

The people in Unicurd take a very keen professional interest in all aspects of this business of soybeans based food products. We have an intimate knowledge of soybeans strains and properties including how packing and handling can affect its properties.

Nothing but perfection

We strive for perfection in our products to our customers. We have dedicated line workers who are trained to accept nothing but perfection in their respective segments of the line. They have internalized the values of food hygiene, and adhere to the “Unicurd product quality” standard in every step of the process.

Future Trends

Unicurd looks beyond today’s market. We diligently sense and intently listen to consumer feedback, mindful of changing lifestyle trends and tastes, to develop new products to meet our customers’ new expectations. We improve packaging for food safety and keep abreast of new developments in the world’s commercial and domestic kitchens.50