About Us Techonology

About Us Technololgy

Best pastuerized technology

Unicurd’s reputation of producing high quality Tofu products is based on their expertise in advanced process methods. Unicurd uses only specially selected grades of high quality "Identity Preserved, non-GMO soybeans" for our all our Soya and Tofu products. We are also dedicated to conduct on- going research with partners ranging from soybeans farmers and traders to help us identify new suitable strains of soybeans with the best preferred flavors, and yields for making each soy and tofu product.

Unicurd uses state-of-the-art machinery in our factory in Senoko. We are constantly acquiring new lines, upgrading equipment, tweaking, converting, and even developing our own proprietary process and packaging equipment to meet our specific requirements.

Hygiene production methods

Our ISO, HACCP based, quality assurance and control systems ensure food safety and product consistency to our stringent in-house specifications. Food nutritional values of our products are systematically monitored to ensure that they are not compromised in taste or style.

Non-GMO beans

Non-GMO beans refer to beans that are non-genetically modified. GMO beans in general have their DNA profile genetically modified in order to resist heavy amount of pesticides. There are growing concerns of consumers on their health of consuming GMO products. Manufacturers like Unicurd are dedicated to educate consumers on the importance of using Non-GMO soya beans in Tofu products.

There are many grades of Non-GMO beans. Unicurd uses only Non-GMO soya beans that undergo Identity Preservation. Identity Preservation is the process by which soybeans of known strains and grades are contract planted. This allows one to preserve the primary source and purest soybean DNA profile used for harvest. The plantation of identify preservation soya beans are under the strictest supervision. Fertilizer and pesticide applications are tracked, then harvested, cleaned packed, stored and delivered under controlled conditions with each stage recorded. Documentations are delivered and examined with each shipment delivered. This is to ensure that the Non-GMO soya beans processed in the identity preservation process are of the purest grade.